COHESION: A Peninsula WCA Exhibit in Perpetuity: Prospectus

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Curator: Rebecca Lambing,

COHESION: A Peninsula WCA Exhibit in Perpetuity is a new opportunity exclusively for members of the Peninsula chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art. This traveling show will include an ongoing and evolving collection of the very best work of our organization.

Cohesion can be defined as a condition in which people or things are closely united. WCA Peninsula’s group of female artists is unified in our passion for creating and growing as artists. Visual cohesiveness is inherent for this exhibit by everyone utilizing the same wood substrate in a uniform size and orientation. Artists will be able to express themselves with their favorite subject matter utilizing their chosen medium and individual style. When there are enough artworks in the collection, they may be hung close enough together to create what will appear as a continuous line around the gallery. This will be a stunning effect and is intended to be a representation of the power of the unified whole along with the strength of the individual.

As artists evolve and new members join, the compilation will transform over time to include members’ most current work, but the structure of the exhibit will remain the same.

THEME: Rather than a subject, what will create overall harmony is the uniform size and orientation of the required wood substrate, along with adherence to necessary parameters of cohesiveness. It is intended that this show will exist and change over time to reflect our members’ very best work.

TIMELINE: This will be an on-going, traveling exhibit. We will apply to various venues utilizing callsfor-entry and blind inquiries. There will be an on-going presence online with a website showing works. We anticipate our first exhibit to be in 2019 – 2020 with initial works photographed in Fall 2018 for promotional purposes. First round due August 21, 2018.

SPECIFICATIONS: (Read these carefully. These rules must be followed.)

1) Each artwork will be created horizontally on the required 24”x30” cradled wood panel by American Easel. These can be purchased at California Art Supply in San Mateo, FLAX in San Francisco or Oakland, direct from the manufacturer or other suppliers online.

Mention your WCA membership to get a 10% discount at Cal Art Supply. The panels carried in the store are unprimed wood. Pre-primed and water media primed surfaces can be special-ordered.

2) To maintain visual cohesiveness across the gallery:

a) No part of the panel is to be altered in any way that may compromise its integrity.
b) Edges of the panel shall be left as unpainted/unstained wood with no alterations and sealed with a water-based clear satin varnish.
c) Glass or plexiglass is not to be attached. The front surface needs to be varnished or sprayed for durability if media is not waterproof on its own. All precautions will be taken, although you are ultimately responsible for sealing and protecting your work.

3) For efficiency in shipping and storage:

a) Nothing shall protrude from the 24”x30” substrate more than .25”.
b) Nothing shall extend beyond the 24”x30” surface plane (could fit into a 24”x30” frame.)

4) All artwork is to be professionally presented (no loosely attached elements, etc)

5) Committee members will install wire on the back of the panels.

6) A show label will be provided. The top left corner of the back of the artwork must be left blank for application.

7) Art must be suitable for people of many cultures, nationalities and all ages. Work deemed unsuitable will not be exhibited.

8) Artwork must be completely dry and cured.

9) No giclee prints unless part of mixed media.

10) Artist must be a current member at the time of exhibition.

11) Artists may submit one or two pieces of work. All work must be for sale with a minimum price.

12) Further limitations may be implemented if deemed necessary for uniformity or otherwise. Additional restrictions may apply for certain venues (ie: shipping encaustic to Arizona in July, space limitations, etc)

OTHER: While the curator reserves the right to refuse artwork that doesn’t meet the stated criteria, the venues who accept our exhibit may limit the pieces they choose to show. This means that your piece may not be displayed as part of the exhibit in certain circumstances. Some venues may take a percentage of sales. This and other details, including cost of participation, will be agreed upon before your work is exhibited in a venue. It is planned that artwork will be stored together at a Tanya Lin’s art studio at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica when not on exhibit.

COST: The pricing is in stages. All costs will be kept to a minimum:

1) Cost of American Easel panel, your art supplies and the varnish for edge (your out-of-pocket)

2) Upon turning in your completed artwork, cost TBD.

a) Wiring supplies.
b) Possibly hiring a photographer.
c) Printing of postcards and/or a small number of catalogs for promotion to galleries.

3) Charge to participate at an accepted venue.

a) Potential venue-specific postcards, labels, etc. Historically $20-25 per participant.
b) Optional purchase of catalogs.
c) Cost of shipping or long distance delivery if applicable.
d) Shipping box(es), foam and tape if applicable.

JOIN: the Peninsula Chapter of WCA and submit your artwork to COHESION. We meet bi-monthly at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame and are always welcoming new members and visitors. Membership inquiries can be sent to

Annette Wagner